Chocks and Liners


We utilize the highest quality forgings to produce working and support chocks for cold rolling mills. Kolding offers the flexibility to provide either machined to drawing chocks or fully assembled ones, complete with liners and bearings. This allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of ready-to-install chocks while maintaining the highest quality standards

Kolaz 12 - Kolding

Mill Liners

Ravne Systems marec 2016 16

Kolding offers a complete range of solid and clad Liners for your hot and cold rolling mill chocks and stands. Clad (bimetal) liners are designed to offer a combination of material properties that maximize both wear resistance and structural integrity, providing the best of both worlds.

Clad liners made from metallurgically bonded mild steel and tool steel plates offer several advantages, including:

  • Maximized Lifetime
  • Maximized Rolling Accuracy and Stability
  • Minimized Vibrations
  • Reduced Downtime

Liners and Wear Plates are also available with a stainless-steel top layer