OEM Components and Spare Parts

Production of a wide range of OEM components and spare parts is an essential part of Kolding’s product range. Our expertise extends to crafting precision-engineered spare parts and components crucial for the optimal performance of rolling mills. Each of these components undergoes the same meticulous design and manufacturing process that defines the quality and reliability of our offerings.

This comprehensive approach ensures that rolling mill operators can rely on Kolding as their trusted source for all the essential components required to maintain the efficiency and longevity of their equipment.

OEM Components and Spare Parts

Rolling mill Spare parts made to drawings

We specialize in fabricating OEM Components for rolling mills, including Spare parts tailored to your specific drawings. Our dedication to quality has earned us certification as a trusted supplier for various European OEM manufacturers. When you partner with us, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and a commitment to deliver excellence in every spare part we craft.

Knives and Blades

Our offerings extend to include Knife Holders, shims, and Knife Shafts for scrap choppers. We expertly select the ideal steel grade and heat treatment methods to guarantee efficient and worry-free knife operation.

HRM Knives for:

  • Crop shears
  • Hot shears
  • Inconel 718 slab or billet cutting

CRM and Plate Mill Knives:

  • Cut to length Knives
  • Side trimmers
  • Scrap Chopper Knives

Gears and Gearbox Housings

We are fabricating a wide array of Gearbox components, including Gears, Shafts, and Housings, custom-tailored to your unique specifications. Whether you require individual Components or complete Gearbox assemblies, we’ve got you covered.