Repair and Revitalization

At Kolding, our refurbishment services are an integral part of our commitment to delivering long-lasting, quality products and an opportunity to lower our impact on the Environment. With dedicated service facilities staffed by mechanical and metallurgical engineers, Kolding is your ideal partner for evaluating and prolonging the life span of your Equipment.

We conduct a thorough mechanical and non-destructive analysis of your used Parts and Equipment, providing a detailed inspection report along with clear reconditioning costs.


Kolding specializes in reconditioning the following products:

  • Mandrels – replace shaft, segments, bearings
  • Gearing and Gearboxes – Repair, reverse engineering, failure analysis
  • Wheel Products – Crane wheel, sheave wheel assemblies
  • Couplings, Spindles, and Universal Joints – replace joints, slipper pads, deposit welding, re-machining of damaged areas
  • Rolls – Re-harden, journal repair, remake into other usable rolls
  • Rope Drums – Re-groove, replace shafts and gearing, evaluate welds
  • Chocks for HRM – re-machining, replacing bearings
  • Screw-down Screws – re-cutting of thread and matching with a new nut
  • Extrusion Presses – new housing and critical wear parts, reassembly, testing
  • HAGC Cylinders – re-machining, chroming, assembly with a new gasket set, and testing.