Forged and Special Rolls

Forged Work Rolls

With a rich history spanning over two decades, we’ve been dedicated to producing dependable metallurgy Rolls tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to quality and value has made us a trusted choice in the metallurgy industry

We produce top-quality forged Rolls for cold rolling mills. We use the best forgings (ESR) and state-of-the-art heat treatment facilities to meet our customers’ growing demands for higher productivity, improved surface quality, and greater rolling speeds without sacrificing roll reliability and operational safety.

Our product range includes Cluster Mill Rolls for various rolling mill setups like Sendzimir, 2-Hi, 4-Hi, and 6-Hi. We have a wide range of steel types available, so we can customize rolls for different needs and materials, whether it’s carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, super alloys, or precious metals.

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Special Rolls

Enhance your rolling mill operations with our dependable Rolls – a step towards higher productivity and cost-efficiency. Our product range includes:

  • continuous caster rolls
  • hot strip mill rolls with or without internal water cooling
  • exit table rolls
  • looper rolls
  • wrapper rolls
  • descaling rolls
  • continuous heat treatment furnace rolls
  • annealing and galvanizing plant rolls
  • tension rolls
  • coiler pinch rolls
  • composite rolls
  • table rolls

With Roll upgrades (improved steel grades and heat treatments or a variety of surface coatings), we can offer you advantages like less downtime due to less frequent roll replacement, improvement of steel surface quality, and lower maintenance costs which all contribute to lower roll TCO (total costs of ownership) on the long run.

Available coatings and materials:

  • Hard chrome coating
  • Thermal coatings such as Wolfram Carbide
  • Rolls with Rubber or Polyurethane coating (10-100 Shore)
  • Centrifugally cast shells (bimetal)
Werkstoll Ref. EN Ref. Indictative cemical comp. Density Microstructure
Cr                                                Ni  Agg./add.  g / cm3
 2.4879 G-NiCr28W 28                                               48  W  8.2  Aust. + Carb.
 2.4779 G-CoCr28Nb 28                                                –  Co, Nb  8.2  Aust. + Carb.
 2.4813 G-NiCr50Nb 50                                                –  50 Nb  8.0  Aust. + Carb.